Welcome to The Beer Diaries!

Thank you for coming to visit us at The Beer Diaries.

Our mission is simple: to celebrate and promote craft beer around the world!

How are we promoting the magic of the growing craft beer culture?

  • First, we’re creating a web-based show ingeniously named “The Beer Diaries” featuring interviews with notable brewers, as well as detailed discussions of their beers.  Learn about the beers you love directly from the source.
  • Next we’ll be creating apps and building a community to help share the knowledge and love of craft beer ever more broadly.
  • And finally, we will assault mainstream media with a powerful “pro-craft beer” message so craft beer can take its deserved position at the top of the beverage hierarchy.

We will be doing this carefully and methodically.  The first glimpses of our show will occur in mid-October, and the community tools should be rolling out shortly after that.  Keep watching this space and we’ll post periodic updates.

Hard at Work!

If you’ve got a reason to contact us, please email us at contact@thebeerdiares.tv – we can’t guarantee we’ll answer every mail, but we’ll do our best.