About The Beer Diaries

Getting ready to shoot.

To call the The Beer Diaries a project of passion would be selling it short; it’s more of a calling, or a compulsion. The idea of celebrating the growing global beer culture has grown from Greg’s first hand experiences in Austin over the last 4 years. These have inspired Greg to use the latest technologies to share the experience of hanging out and enjoying local craft beers with one’s pals. This is truly a powerful concept that must be shared. The inklings of The Beer Diaries bumped around for a while, without form or purpose, but when the stars aligned the plan was put into action!

If you search the web or look at the magazine racks you see there’s a lot of information out there about beer; lots of people are deeply passionate about beer.  In spite of this, in most places, beer still takes a back seat behind more “cultured” beverages like wine.  Why is that?  It’s largely because of a lack of awareness of just how good beer can be when it is created by artisans that lovingly craft their beer and don’t compromise on quality.  Our goal is to introduce you to these people and and explain why you need to be drinking their beers.

The Beer Diaries isn’t going to be a pulpit where we rage against the evils of the giant multinational beer conglomerates; these companies have a place, and every person has a choice to drink what they want.  Our goal is to show people the options that exist: if you want to drink a light lager on a sunny day we’ll help you find one that is full of character and maybe even made by a local artisan.  If that beer is delicious, and buying it supports your neighbor how can you go wrong?

The Beer Diaries had a serendipitous start.  Earlier this year, Greg was hanging out around Austin and stopped by Whip In in search of that day’s release of (512)’s Double Pecan Porter, a delicious cult beer in Austin; unsuccessful, dejected and needing a drink, Greg met up with Arjit Mahapatra, one of the brewers at Whip In’s Namaste Brewing.  While sharing nice beer, Arjit introduced Greg to Mike Mann, a local documentary filmmaker.  In turned out that Mike was already working on a couple beer documentaries.  Mike already knew some of the local brewers and was planning on doing some more filming with them, so Greg and Mike discussed the possibility of tacking on additional interviews of the brewers with Greg.  After a few meetings the concept behind The Beer Diaries took shape and the plans for a fruitful relationship were in place.

The initial concept behind The Beer Diaries is straightforward: do a series of interviews with brewers to showcase them and their beers.

The goal is to move from city to city doing interviews, with the first set being done in Austin.  Once all of the Austin shows are complete, we’ll determine the best way to release the episodes; based on initial feedback, people are quite impressed with the quality and content so we suspect we’ll have a range of options to consider.

After we’ve got the production of The Beer Diaries shows rolling along happily we’ll start looking at other areas to pursue, such as beer focused apps, and deeper beer content.  One of our most important goals is to build a strong beer community where beer fans can converse and interact.  At this point we’re not going to formally tackle reviews given that there are groups that already do reviews very well, and we’re not interested in recreating the wheel.  We will be discussing the delicious beers we run across in our travels, so there will be lots of on-the-fly beer commentary to check out.  We are interested in collaborating with others, and given how much activity is taking place right now helping to promote beer we believe we’ll have a lot of people to work with before too long.

You’ll probably see today that we’re not revealing much about the shows; be patient (and sit back and have a beer).  Once we’re ready we’ll start showing the goodies off here on the site.  Keep checking back periodically as we’ll be doing occasional updates regarding our progress.

If you snoop around the internet you’ll also see that we’ve also got Twitter Accounts, Facebook Pages, Instragram Accounts, YouTube channels and all of the usual social networking goodies set up, but that they’re fairly quiet right now.  When things get rolling we’ll be using all of those channels at full blast.

So that’s a quick summary of where The Beer Diaries stands today.  If you’d like to reach out to us feel free to email us at contact@thebeerdiaries.tv and we’ll do our best to get back to you.

The Beer Diaries Team!