The Shows

We’ve currently got two web-based shows under production and are considering others for further development.  Our current shows are:

The Beer Diaries: Austin – this is our first show and features our original format: Greg interviewing brewers and discussing their business and their beers.  The tone is casual and engaging.  Our goal is to interview every single brewer in and around Austin; new ones are starting all the time, and we’ll add updates periodically.  After Austin is complete, we will pick a new location and repeat the process.

The Beer Diaries: World Tour – currently under development, this show will feature a combined documentary feel along with Mike doing interviews.  We call it World Tour because it features breweries and beer in unexpected locations.  Mike’s first visit is to Thailand where he talks to brewers, monks and others about the beer culture there.

We’ll add new shows over time; if you’re watching The Beer Diaries we’re pretty sure you’ll hear about them.

See you soon.